Ruby Rose RWBY

Ruby Rose RWBY


                      Ruby Rose is the main protagonist, leader of Tema RWBY, and the first character introduced in RWBY. Ruby’s weapon of choice is a High-Caliber Sniper-Scythe (HCSS) called Crescent Rose.

She first appeared in the “Red”Trailer released on November 5th, 2012, in which she fought Beowoleves. She then appears at the end of the “Yellow”Trailer greeting Yang Xilo Long and inquiring as to why her sister Yang was there.

Ruby Rose

Titles “Red”
Nickname Crater Face
Symbol ScatterIcon
Race Human
Weapons Crescent Rose
Gender FemaleIcon Female
Age 15
Outfit Red, Black
Accessories Belt: Rose symbol, Ammunition Clippings, Pouch, Cloak, Hood.
Handedness Left
Complexion Pale White
Hair Color Black and Red
Eye Color Silver
Semblance Speed
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academv
Previous Affiliation Signal Academy
Occupation Student
Partner(s) Weiss Schnee
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Yang Xiao Long (Sister)
Orow (Uncle)
First Appearance “Red” Trailer
Music Theme Red link Rose
Voice Actor Lind Say Jones


640px-1101_Ruby_Rose_11643 RubyFacialRigs RWBY - 01 - Large 02


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